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Hi, I’m Suzy Larsen, your natural perfumer. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting I want to tell you a bit about what I do and the different paths I’ve chosen in my personal and professional life. Since I believe that each perfume carries the spiritual stamp of its creator, it’s nice to know where your perfumer has walked.

Becoming certified in Aromatherapy from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was a significant step in fostering my love of perfumery. Although we learned intimately the therapeutic potential of essential oils, I was always attracted to the artistic creation of perfumes. From that point on I remember making a personalized perfume for everyone who crossed my path.

Meanwhile my interest in essential oils and perfumery grew stronger until I began my own natural perfumery business in 2007. As a graduate from the Natural Perfumery Institute, I am now a Certified Natural Perfumer and proudly a member of the Natural Perfumer's Guild.

Creating perfumes, along with raising my spirited child, Madeleine Coco, has been my joy and much needed artistic retreat from left-brained activity. When I get down to the business of making perfumes, I let my heart connect and my spirit soar then something magical happens.

What's in the Bottle?

100% natural, Suzy's perfumes are made with the highest quality essential oils, absolutes & co2s in a base of natural alcohol. No synthetics have been used. Our policy on natural materials exceeds the definition of naturals of ISO 9235 from the International Standards Organization, the fragrance industry standard.

Essential Oils - plant material is steam or hydro-distilled to extract the essential or ethereal oils that contain scented molecules

Concretes - the first stage of scent extraction of plant material. A solvent is used to extract scented molecules and thenrecaptured at the end of the process, leaving the concrete solvent-free

Absolutes - Concretes are blended with alcohol, and the alcohol is distilled to obtain the pure aromatic essence. Waxes are left behind and are known as floral waxes

CO2 - Carbon dioxide is used to extract the scent from plant material. The CO2 extracts are very close to the plant material's original scent

Natural Isolates - natural isolates are specific odor molecules contained in essential oils and absolutes that are obtained by fractional or molecular distillation.  These methods follow the defintion of natural isolates of the Natural Perfumers Guild, and they exceed ISO 9235.

Organic alcohol - 190-proof alcohol obtained from grain, grapes or sugar cane

Animal Extracts and Tinctures - beeswax, ambergris, hyraceum

Resin -amber, frankincense, opoponax, myrrh, fir & similar exudants from trees

What's Not in the Bottle?

Animal testing, synthetic alcohol, chemically modified or synthetic ingredients, petroleum wax, phthalates, propylene glycol, artificial dyes, fragrance oils, mineral oil, parabens, adulterants.

The Natural Ingredients and You

Even natural aromatics can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. For example, if you're allergic to roses, a perfume containing rose oil may trigger an allergic response in you. Some aromatics are believed to cause skin rashes or blotches on the skin, so we recommend doing a patch test on your skin before liberally applying perfume. Use of perfume jewelry, clothing and your own hair is recommended if you suspect you may have a reaction. So please regard this as a "label" of sorts, a way to allow you to make an informed decision for yourself about wearing.