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I can feel the ‘love’. I get a whiff of citrus and a hint of cinnamon and something sweet at the heart that I can’t even identify.  I am enjoying how subtle and soft it is.  I can’t even imagine some of the essences you might have used.  It has a beautiful radiance to it.   It seems to really work on my skin and radiate with my body temperature. (Anita K on her signature scent)
Anita K (Courtney, BC)
I received the perfume that you put together for me and I completely love it!  It is the perfect balance between a "feminine" and a "masculine" scent and it very well balanced between earthy and citrus.  (Paulina H. on her signature scent entitled Sacred Feminine.)
Paulina (Victoria, BC)
Being the designer of my personal perfume (with Suzy's expertise) was an enjoyable experience and the fragrance I came up with smells like heaven.  Designing and naming my own perfume was quite a treat. The scent we came up with is absoluting enticing! (Anne G. on her Signature Scent Consultation entitled Mine)
Anne G (Nanaimo, BC)
I have been watching and smelling Rio, the perfume you made for me to see how it evolves.  It has become very nice and my daughter has been trying it too.  It is amazing how it is very subtle ompared to a synthetic perfume.  It is very good.
Rebecca H (Nanaimo, BC)

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