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Blending the artistry of Classic Perfumery with the therapeutic potential of aromatherapy, functional perfumes are perfumes with a purpose.

Suzy is excited to get back to her roots as an aromatherapist and tap into ancient knowledge supported by current evidence.  Essential oils have a very powerful affect on mind and emotion.  In their book Aromatherapy:  Scent & Psyche, Peter and Kate Damian write, "Olfactory responses to odors induce the brain, or at least parts of it, to stimulate the release of hormones and neurochemicals that alter body physiology and therefore human behavior." (1)  Perhaps if therapeutic scent is presented in a perfume medium,  it may have an even greater chance of being used frequently and consistently. 

Coupled with her perfume blending experience, Suzy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and has been finishing courses in Functional Nutrition, an emerging field that looks for the root cause of disease.  Stress is one of the root causes of disease (2) and here essential oils really shine!  Essential oil molecules are able to bypass the brain’s critical faculties and have an immediate and profound effect on the limbic system—the area of the brain controlling everything from instincts to memories to emotions making them one very powerful therapy in dealing with root causes.  In Scent & Psyche, the authors state, "smell directly accesses the limbic system and hypothalamus, wherein instincts and biological emotions lie and the neurochemical hormonal regulation of the body is controlled, and also accesses other parts of the brain, all involving memory, attention and psychosomatic integrations." (29) This is the beauty, the mystery, and the science behind essential oils. 

Even though scents affect us on a visceral “love it/hate it” level, they also affect our central nervous system, endocrine system (stress and steroid hormones), neurotransmitters and brainwaves.  Suzy has been researching the effects of specific essential oils on these systems and is now ready to release her first “functional perfume”…Vetiver Tranquille.

Suzy's primary objective in creating her first functional perfume was to create an aesthetically pleasing blend that is very soothing.  To reach this dual goal Suzy was inspired to build the formula with raw materials that behave harmoniously together but are also mentioned in the research.  To be clear, Suzy does not make health claims.  The selection of materials has been inspired by the research. 

The following studies and references were the inspiration for the formula for Vetiver Tranquille:

VETIVER, CEDARWOOD and LAVENDER: One specific study that helped guide her in selecting the raw materials for the formula is from 2001.  In this case study that was published in the American Medical Association Journal, Terry S. Friedmann, M.D., found significant results when children who had previously been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD inhaled essential oils of vetiver, lavender and cedarwood.  The inhalation of the oils proved to settle the children’s brain waves back into normal patterns and improved their scholastic performance and behavioral patters.  He was able to achieve significant results in 60 days.  The final results were: 

Lavender increased performance by 53%
Cedarwood increased performance by 83%
Vetiver increased performance by 100% (3)

Vetiver Tranquille contains all three!!